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natural development church survey, ministry evaluation form, evaluation of church, a church survey, church ministry survey, ministry evaluation forms, spiritual life survey, church membership survey, survey the church

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ou're at this site because you have a need to gather objective data that will enable you to be more effective as church leaders.

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Community Church wrote: "To remain effective ? in an ever-changing world you need to continually evaluate (assess) what you do."

There may be a number of individuals on your board with personal agendas. One goal of a survey is to cut through agendas, not to validate them. The damage that can be done with a DIY survey may take years to overcome.

I recently visited the office of a Christian school administrator who had just conducted his own survey. The credenza behind his desk had 5 or 6 stacks of 8? X 11 papers each a foot high. He said these were his survey results, and he had no idea how to make sense of all that information.

Gathering data is the easy part. Gathering data that is useful or that doesn't damage your church is a little more challenging. Evaluating the data without infusing a personal agenda or perspective is very difficult. Many firms ask questions and print graphs; few include a professional custom evaluation.

That's why we're here - to give you the quickest, simplest, most accurate and useful survey you can imagine. Your pastor's time is way too valuable to spend it writing questions, processing data, and evaluating information.

What if you delegate the task? If you are thinking of using a volunteer or a committee, well, you already know how long that will take. To be honest, you may get the questionnaire written within 3 months. While you may end up with graphs and tables to look at, you may never see an accurate, bias-free evaluation of the results. If you do, an insider with an insider's bias will have written it.

The actual cost to pay church staff to develop, test, process & evaluate a comprehensive survey makes the cost of a professional third-party survey a bargain.

Churches, Christian schools, and non-profits have been benefiting from our surveys and survey analysis for nearly 20 years. With a list of current and past clients that covers every state in the US you can rely on professional church surveys with an experienced and professional survey firm.

Church congregation surveys have always been a core focus of DTS. Our experience with church surveys and survey evaluation has enabled us to develop questionnaires that quantify subjective opinions so that you can make informed decisions every time. Our commitment to 10 minute questionnaires has enabled us to maximize survey response rates.

Congregations from nearly every denominational and non-denominational background and size have utilized and refined these survey instruments. We have surveyed congregations numbering in the hundreds and in the thousands; rural, urban, and suburban; churches with part-time pastors and churches with multiple pastors.

God has given your congregation a set of strengths that He wants you to use for ministry. By understanding and focusing upon these strengths you will be better equipped to cooperate with Him in ministry within your congregation. Therefore your custom evaluation comes at the data from a position of strength.

We recognize that not everything is positive, and that there may be concerns that distract you from a focus on strengths. The written evaluation will alert you to these concerns, but the thrust of the evaluation is upon God-given strengths. Because of this you can be confident that our professional, third-party surveys will not divide your church or cause problems where none existed before. We do not evaluate personalities.

Contact us today to learn how one of our proven instruments, or even a custom survey can be your decision-making solution.

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    Dr. Brian Simmons,
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